The Bigger Picture-

This painting accommodates installation of items such as crystals and other attachable items as part of the physical painting.

It also incorporates all the modalities that you choose for your healing. 

In the “The Bigger Picture” in addition to rendering your belief system through powerful visuals, the artist embeds  precious items (such as crystals, aromatics, memorabilia, etc.) into your painting that stimulate and motivate you to action in alignment with your goals.

For example, one client chose to use chakras as their vehicle for healing. The client’s power stance, astrological reading, psychic reading, Mayan calendar and personal health goals were also contributors in their creation. A  versatile “write on” area was created for motivational sayings or mantras that could be changed at will.

 The client brings his/her goals, belief systems, personality and inner knowing of themselves to create their “bigger picture”.

The process: Meet with the artist (remote options available). 

The only difference between this and the Power Portrait is the size (it’s bigger) and the option to add solid items into the painting such as crystals, or memorabilia.

If you are interested in healing techniques by referral, please click “recommended resources”. At this link you will find resources such as: life coaches, psychic healers, astrologers, aromatherapy oil practitioners, rolfers, etc.

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