The Process Portrait

The Process Portrait is ALL about the Journey. It not only let’s you SEE the Change You Will BE,  but actively and intimately involves you in the actualization of that evolution.


What you will see on the top layer of this portrait:

You, strong and in your Power stance, having defeated the challenges and at your most fulfilled state.

The under layers:

Through each layer, you will kinetically, emotionally and openly explore these challenges through art expression. You will paint with the artist.  This process lends itself to the process of cleansing or letting go of samskarras that trigger blockages to reaching your goals. 

This journey in layers might be a chronicle unfolding of particular stages in your life that have impacted you. Or maybe it chronicles your spiritual journey.  You may have a clear idea of what you want this journey to involve or you may decide to employ a healer to guide you through this process. Your “healer” might be your psychic, your psychiatrist, your Dr., your life coach, etc., If you are interested in seeking a healer and would like some recommendations, you can review the link above named “Recommended Resources”.

Ultimately (last layer) you will SEE these challenges resolved for your highest good. You will literally create the evolution of  YOU in your most realized state.  Whatever the journey, the Process Portrait is your tool, designed for your healing, created with Love and pure intent.

*Your journey will unfold in a space of safety: you will be loved, respected, and supported. This healinghArt journey includes multiple visual ‘process’ layers. The layers are documented by photographs (only if you wish) for you to keep, to share, or to keep personal. These layers can be put into a video format so that you can later see the evolution of the process and your ultimate culmination of your Unique Process Portrait. Option * This video can also be embedded into your painting so that you can access the evolution from your phone via an app.


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